Looking for the perfect romantic getaway for Valentine's Day? Look no further than France! With its breathtaking scenery, renowned cuisine and unique atmosphere, France offers a variety of romantic experiences that are sure to make your Valentine's Day weekend unforgettable.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spend with your partner for a weekend. There are so many things to do in France to bring your love back to life. Here are a few things to do for a romantic weekend in France

Explore the Côte d'Azur

Cote d'Azur en France

Head south and explore the magnificent Côte d'Azur. From the glamorous city of Cannes to the picturesque port of Nice, the Côte d'Azur offers many experiences for a romantic break.

  • Relax on the beach and admire the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants along the coast.
  • Take a hike in Marseille's calanques to discover the creeks.

If staying in a guest house is a good idea, we recommend you try a luxury hotel for the occasion. We've compiled a list of the best luxury hotels in Nice for your stay in the south of France.

Discover the Loire Valley

La Loire en France

If you're looking for a romantic Valentine's weekend with a bit of adventure, head to the Loire Valley. This magnificent region is home to some of the world's most famous châteaux.

  • Take a tour of Château de Chambord
  • Explore the elegant gardens of Villandry
  • Take a hot-air balloon ride over the magnificent countryside.

For a romantic getaway, we recommend the Relais de Chambord. In a natural and historic setting, stay at this 4-star hotel in the heart of the Chambord national estate. This unusual accommodation will provide you with an unforgettable Valentine's Day experience. For the occasion, the hotel offers rose petals in the room, dinner for two and a wellness spa.

Getting lost in Paris

Weekend a paris

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner on the Eiffel Tower or a stroll along the Seine, Paris has something for everyone. Take a tour of the city by bateau-mouche, explore the romantic cobblestone streets and be sure to snap a photo of the iconic Eiffel Tower at sunset.

For a truly romantic experience, take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city and admire views of the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. End the evening in one of the many hotels with swimming pools and spas in Paris, or book a room with a private Jacuzzi. Either way, a stay in Paris is always magical.

Tasting the best wines

Champagne en France

For an even more unique romantic experience, head to the Champagne region of northeastern France. This region is home to some of the world's finest sparkling wines! And what could be more romantic than a wine-tasting holiday?

  • Visit a house and discover the secrets of champagne-making.
  • Take a romantic hot-air balloon ride over the vineyards.
  • Enjoy a romantic picnic in a vineyard.

Discover the Grand Hotel Continental in Reims during your Champagne getaway. This charming 4-star hotel is the perfect blend of old and new. With a 19th century building and a high-class interior, you'll be in the midst of a unique atmosphere.

Visit the city of Strasbourg

Ville de strasbourg

This city is known for its romantic atmosphere, with winding cobbled streets and beautiful canals, ideal for a Valentine's Day romantic weekend. Spend a day exploring the city's many attractions, from the impressive Strasbourg Cathedral to the Petite France district, there's so much to do in Alsace.

We particularly love the region's picturesque villages such as Éguisheim, one of France's most beautiful villages and voted Village Préféré des Français in 2013.

Whatever you decide to do, a romantic Valentine's weekend in France is sure to be an unforgettable experience. From exploring the iconic city of Paris to discovering the Champagne region, France offers a variety of romantic locations that will make your Valentine's Day getaway truly special.

So don't hesitate to head to France for the perfect romantic break with Hotelgift. With its breathtaking scenery and romantic atmosphere, France is the ideal destination for a unique Valentine's Day experience.