How to Redeem your Hotelgift
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How to Redeem your Hotelgift

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you are a very proud owner of an Experiencegift! Congratulations! You are just a few steps away from making amazing new memories. Ready to prepare yourself for your next experience? Let’s get you started and redeem your Hotelgift!

Redeem Hotelgift

Lucky you! Your very own Hotelgift to enjoy a nice getaway. Whether you’re exploring a new destination, visiting your favourite place, or seeing friends or family in another city, you’re definitely going to make wonderful memories! In just a few simple steps you can book your hotel and redeem your Hotelgift voucher. Then you will be all set and ready to go! The only thing you will need to worry about is how to pack your suitcase! To redeem your Hotelgift voucher, follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Go to the right place

You’re already on our Hotelgift website, great! In order to go to the right page, click on Book Hotel.

2. Fill in your travel preferences

A world of possibilities! Here you can select all your preferences for your getaway. Within your country, out of the country, a weekend, a week? It’s all up to you! Need some inspiration for a destination? Take a look at our blog page and feel inspired! Fill in all your preferences and click on ‘search’.

3. Find and select your perfect hotel option

Take your time to find your perfect option! Check out some photos, look at the details, and choose your type of room. Once you have found the lucky winner, select your room, and add it to your basket.

4. Checkout

Of course, you can add as many hotels to your basket as you like. Do you have all you need in your basket? Let’s checkout! Go to your basket and click on checkout. Here you can finish your booking by filling in your details for your stay. Once you have completed this, just confirm your details to continue.

5. Redeem Hotelgift

Last but not least, you will redeem and pay with your voucher! Just fill in the code on your voucher and click on ‘apply’. There you go! Do you have some left on your voucher? No problem! You can just use the remaining amount for your next trip! Is there an additional amount to pay? Also, no worries! You can pay the remaining amount with the payment method of your choice.

That’s it!

You’re all set for your next adventure. How exciting! We will leave the packing part up to you. Did you know that rolling your clothes when packing your suitcase is more efficient than folding them? This does not just save you more space, but also makes your clothes wrinkle less. Just roll them up tight! And don’t forget to leave some space for souvenirs! Feeling excited to start? We’ll help you on your way: just click here to book your hotel Received a Flightgift and want to redeem it? It's just as easy! When you’re ready for take-off, click here