As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, what better way to celebrate than watching one of the UK's best New Year's Eve fireworks for 2024? In this blog, we'll unveil the 10 best firework displays in the UK to give you a few options for where you want to watch these incredible light shows - whether in your hometown, on a UK staycation or maybe even in your own back garden. So, grab your coat, don your sparkly attire, and let's ring in the New Year with a bang with our top 8 picks for UK firework displays this 2024.

Why do we set off fireworks on New Year's Eve?

Before we dive into the glittering night sky of the best UK fireworks displays, let's take a moment to appreciate the historical significance of lighting fireworks on New Year's Eve. This age-old tradition dates back to ancient civilisations, where people believed that the loud noises and bright lights from fireworks would drive away evil spirits and bring good luck for the coming year. Today, it's a heartwarming way to come together, make memories, and create a sense of unity as we embrace the unknown future.

How to set off DIY fireworks at home (safely!)

If you'd rather avoid the crowds, save money and not venture out on New Year's Eve but still want to experience the magic of fireworks, consider setting off your own firework display at home. Obviously, setting off fireworks incorrectly can be highly dangerous so make sure that you follow the safety instructions Ensure your safety and follow these tips:

  • Purchase fireworks from licensed sellers.
  • Read and follow the instructions on the label carefully.
  • Choose a safe and open outdoor space.
  • Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby.
  • Never relight a dud firework.

So, why not purchase nibbles and invite your friends and family around to watch your DIY fireworks display? You can save money, and bond with loved ones all while ringing in 2024 and joining the festivities.

Now, let's explore the top 8 New Year's Eve fireworks displays that will light up Britain this year New Year's Eve!

The UK's 8 Best New Year's Eve Fireworks for 2024

1. London - The Mayor's Fireworks

Location: River Thames
Time: 8pm -12.30pm
london new year's eve fireworks over the london eye
Being in London for New Year's Eve has to be one of the most iconic ways to welcome 2024. The New Year's Eve fireworks in London are truly something else. Tickets cost £20 and you have to buy them beforehand - try showing up without a ticket and you won't get in! The fireworks are set up from the London Eye so make sure you check out the travel details and set off early to get a good spot for the show. If you or loved ones have mobility issues, there is also an accessible viewing platform where you can bring your own foldable seat - guaranteeing that the London New Year's Eve fireworks can be enjoyed by all. However, the event organisers do state that this event is not suitable for children and that over 16's should be accompanied by an adult.

2. Stirling - Private Displays

Time: Midnight
stirling fireworks
Sadly, Stirling's local council has confirmed the official firework display that usually takes place at the Wallace Monument won't be going ahead this year due to budget cuts. But you can still view an array of private displays by heading up to the best view point in the city, Stirling Castle. Take flasks of hot chocolate (or something stronger) and huddle together with your loved ones as you wave goodbye to 2023.

3. Birmingham - Centenary Square

Time: 8pm - 12.30pm
birmingham Centenary Square on NYE
If you're spending New Year's Eve in Birmingham, don't miss the celebrations on Centenary Square which is by far the biggest NYE party in the city. At the event, you'll find street food vendors, an ice rink and bars to help you celebrate the arrival of 2024.  If you'd rather stay inside and be cosy, you can find heaps of clubs hosting NYE events or if you'd prefer a more refined New Year's, book tickets to a masquerade ball where you can enjoy a 6 course meal (yes, 6), pipe band and even a live casino.

4. Cardiff - City Hall

Time: 7.30pm-1pm
cardiff fireworks on new year
If you're in Cardiff for New Year 2024, the City Hall is the place to be! The Winter Wonderland will still be on so you can sip festive drinks, savour traditional German food and take a trip on the big wheel before the fireworks begin. There will also be live music playing on the stage in front of the City Hall so you can dance and sing with your loved ones before the New Year countdown. Would you rather welcome 2024 inside? Why not book tickets to a live jazz party or New Year's rave depending on how adventurous you're feeling.

5. Belfast - Titanic Quarter

Time: Midnight
Celebrate a legendary New Year's Eve in Belfast at the Titanic Belfast NYE party. You'll get a cocktail on arrival, a set meal and be able to dance the night away to the live DJ before heading outside to watch one of the best UK firework displays over the iconic Titanic museum. Other options for spending NYE in Belfast include The Observatory which is said to the tallest bar in Ireland and, as you can expect, has incredible panoramic views over Belfast. Why not make a weekend out of it and book a night at a Northern Ireland spa hotel? It's the best way to sweat out the toxins from the night before.

6. Edinburgh - Princes Street

Time: 8pm - late
new year in edinburgh fireworks
What's got to be one of the most iconic New Year's Eve parties, Edinburgh's hogmanay can't be missed when spending the 31st in Scotland's capital. Get tickets to the street party and you can enjoy live music, access tons of outdoor bars and get the best views of the best New Year firework displays in the UK, all in front of Edinburgh's majestic castle. Make sure you arrive early though as last entry is at 11pm. Not wanting to splash out on a ticket? Why not head up to Calton Hill or Arthur's Seat where you can enjoy the firework display free or charge along with many other private displays going on throughout the city.

7. Inverness - Northern Meeting Park

Time: 8pm - 12.30pm
Inverness NYE fireworks
Next on our list of the best New Year's Eve fireworks is the Northern Meeting Park firework display in Inverness. For 2024, Inverness is taking their New Year celebrations to the next level by hosting the largest Hogmanay ceilidh in the world with live music from the incredible Highland Fire. Tickets to the ceilidh cost £12.50 but you can join in on the procession from the Northern Meeting Park completely free. We recommend you buying tickets though, as you can rub shoulders with the locals, have access to food and drink stalls and join in on a proper Highland hogmanay.

8. Liverpool - Titanic Hotel Liverpool

Time: 4pm - late
Liverpool fireworks on new year
Get the best seats in the house to the incredible firework display at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool by booking a 3 course meal at the extravagant Stanley’s Bar and Grill in the Titanic Hotel Liverpool. Before midnight you can join fellow revellers on the dockside to watch the incredible firework display. The hotel also host an exclusive Gala Dinner where you can enjoy cocktails and canapés on arrival, a four-course dinner and then incredible live music. All before getting a glass of champagne and watching the hotel's firework display on the docks. Tickets are £120 per person so make sure you dress to impress.

Where are the best New Year fireworks in the UK?

Deciding on the best New Year fireworks in the UK really depends on what you fancy. If you want an extravagant, world-class display over an iconic setting London or Edinburgh are your best bet. If you're seeking a more traditional, intimate affair, you can't go wrong with the Highland hogmanay celebrations up in Inverness. But if you really don't like crowds and just want to have a special moment with your loved ones, your own back garden with a private display will be just as nice.

Which of these New Year's Eve Fireworks will you watch?

No matter where you choose to welcome the New Year, each of these UK destinations promises a memorable experience filled with breathtaking fireworks, joyous crowds, and the warmth of celebration. So, gather your loved ones and make this New Year's Eve a night to remember!

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