Are you searching online for those last-minute birthday gifts? Do they all take ages to arrive?

We've all been there – the panic of forgetting a birthday gift and the guilt of mustering up a makeshift one. Don't worry; we got the perfect last-minute birthday gift with same-day delivery if you're still looking for it. Read our blog to find ideas for unique and affordable presents when you’re tight on time.

1. A Gift Basket

A curated gift basket is a great choice as a last-minute birthday gift. From scented candles to this fancy gourmet basket, you can easily find ready-made gift arrangements that have same-day delivery. Better yet, make your own with just a trip down the local store. It's a last-minute winner that shows you've paid attention to your special someone's favourite things.

Tip: Create a Gift Card Basket

A gift card basket is a thoughtful and practical way to make someone’s day. Gift card baskets are versatile, personal, and convenient. They’re also exciting, as gift cards offer immediate gratification for the recipient. Here are some trendy gift cards you should include in the collection if you’re considering getting one.

2. A DIY Spa Kit

someone making a DIY self care kit as a last minute birthday gift
Taking time for self-care is essential, and what better occasion than a birthday to indulge in some personal pampering? Consider putting together a delightful DIY spa kit exclusively for them. Simply visit your nearby store and gather a selection of pampering must-haves, such as luxurious face masks, fragrant bath bombs, cozy socks, and a scented candle. Arrange these treats in an adorable basket or a chic tote bag, and voilà! You'll have a wonderful last-minute gift that exudes relaxation and thoughtfulness, sure to be adored by the recipient.

Spa kits make for wonderful gifts in the summer. If you're looking to delight someone with a summer birthday, check out our guide on summer birthday gifts.

3. Be Their Chef For The Night

friends having dinner at home drinking wine
For those skilled in the culinary arts, why not pay them a visit on their birthday and cook up a delectable homemade meal? Prepare their all-time favorite dish or introduce them to a delightful new recipe as a delightful surprise. Elevate the experience by setting a beautifully adorned table with flickering candles, playing their preferred tunes, and even inviting some friends over for an unforgettable at-home dining extravaganza. It's the perfect way to show your love and create cherished memories together.

4. Memory Video Montage

Gather heartfelt birthday wishes from friends and family through short video clips. Combine these heartwarming messages into a special video montage that will touch the birthday person's heart. Then, surprise them with a digital link to view this beautiful creation on their special day. The effort you've put into crafting this heartfelt video will surely catch them off guard and make the day even more memorable. It's a gift they'll cherish for a lifetime, a touching reminder of the love and thoughtfulness shared by their loved ones.

5. Online Class or Workshop

Unleash their potential by gifting an online class or workshop tailored to their hobbies or passions. Whether it's the art of cooking, the joy of painting, the rhythm of dance, or the artistry of photography, there's a boundless selection of virtual experiences that will ignite their inspiration and bring joy to their hearts.

6. Flightgift: Birthday Gifts for Travelers

woman at the airport after receiving a flight voucher
Is your loved one bitten by the travel bug? Surprise them with the gift of flight using Flightgift! With a swift email delivery, they'll receive the golden ticket to choose their next destination and embark on a journey that will leave them smiling from ear to ear. From budget airlines to luxury options, your recipient can pick exactly what flight suits them.

7. Activitygift: The Gift of New Experiences

a couple explore the outdoors with a map
Calling all adrenaline enthusiasts! Look no further than Activitygift, your reliable hero! With an exciting array of thrilling experiences, you can instantly treat them to the adventure of a lifetime. From heart-pounding skydives to blissful spa retreats and delightful wine tastings, the activity voucher can be ready in a flash – a perfect last-minute birthday surprise. What's more, your loved one can redeem their voucher for a thrilling escapade in the US or even abroad!

Got someone who's entering their roaring 40s on your mind? Go ahead an wow them with an experience they will never forget. Read our guide on the wildest experiences you can get your loved ones as a thoughtful 40th birthday gift.

8. Hotelgift: Weekend getaways as a Gift

redeem your hotelgift on a hotel for mothers day in the UK
Discover the magic of Hotelgift, an unparalleled gift card offering both flexibility and top-notch quality, available in mere minutes! With this fantastic option, you can whisk your special someone away to a dreamy getaway without any delay. Hotelgift provides the ultimate travel freedom, offering a wide range of hotel choices for your loved one to explore. Choose the eGift option, and behold the wonder! A stunning digital hotel voucher will magically appear in your inbox, perfectly poised to be shared with love, just in time for the joyous birthday celebration.

Hotelgift offers an impressive selection of over 550,000 hotels worldwide. This means that your recipient can choose from a wide range of accommodation options, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their preferences and travel style. Whether they crave a luxurious spa retreat, a dog-friendly hotel, or a breathtaking honeymoon resort, Hotelgift has them covered.

Which last-minute birthday gifts will you choose?

When life throws you a birthday curveball and time is of the essence, fret not! Our handpicked list of the finest last-minute birthday gifts is here to save the day. Whether you're on a budget and just need to pop by your local shop or aiming for luxury with airline vouchers, our comprehensive guide has all your bases covered. From cooking a mouthwatering meal to gifting a hotel voucher or crafting a personalized gift basket, the thought and effort you put in will undoubtedly bring a radiant smile to your special someone's face.