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Best Byron Bay Hotels

February 26th, 2019
Travelling to Australia? We have you covered!

We put together a list of some of the most amazing hotels in Byron Bay. From resorts and spas to bohemian lodges, Byron Bay has it all. Enjoy the beach, the sea and the sun in style.

Rae’s on Wategos

Minimalistic, clean, aesthetically pleasing and beachfront facing. What more can you ask for from a hotel? Raes is a Spanish style small boutique retreat which is a perfect luxury escape in the heart of the busy Byron Bay. According to the legend, this building built in the 1960s was actually designed by Salvador Dalí.  Whitewashed walls and beautiful pastel fabrics coat the hotel from the inside, making guests feel relaxed and clear minded. The staff will know how you like your morning coffee, the slippers will be waiting for you by the bed and their treatment wizards will greet you with a two-hour head to toe massage. Have you packed your bags yet?

Barbra’s Guesthouse

Barbara’s Guesthouse promises you a central location, outdoor showers, dreamy relaxation areas and an organic vegetable garden. In fact, they even call it a ‘slice of a sophisticated paradise’. This hotel is a definition of ‘boho-cool’ Visitors will find wooden floors, milk bottles reused as vases, a swing chair and a cosy back terrace garden. Rooms are filled with, of course, eco-friendly toiletries, huge mirrors and fishing rods decorating the walls.

28 Degrees

Byron Bay visitors will find 28 Degrees just minutes away from the beach. This hotel claims to be the most luxurious escape of the surrounding area. All rooms feature organic cotton sheets, Biology Sking products and organic beeswax candles. All you need to feel at home away from home and truly relax. They took relaxing one step further and decided not to add TVs to any rooms to ensure guests can really just enjoy being in the moment. The hotel is essentially a glammed up 1940s cottage. Loads of natural light and white and grey tones to give it a fresh and modern feel. Suspended lamps and beach themed photos on the walls make it a perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

The Bower

THere are four segments at this hotel: Bower Suites, Bower Barn, Bower House and Bower Cottage. Bower Suites contain 14 luxury rooms decorated with carefully selected vintage and contemporary elements. The artwork on the walls is a one-off so no room is the same. Bower Barn is perfect for families. It’s a little private bubble of peace and quiet. Guests will enjoy their own private kitchenette and a beautiful egg bath. Bower House is something for slightly bigger groups. It’s perfect for big friends and family holidays to the seaside. Open plan interior and modern clean spaces are great for enjoying this wonderful experience together. And finally the ‘classic country home’ – Bower Cottage. It’s tucked away in complete privacy, is 100 years old but is a five bedroom luxury accommodation. This option would be great for extended families or weddings parties.

Bask & Stow

Bask & Stow is another great collection of luxury accommodation in the heart of Byron Bay. Less boho and more mid-century style hotel is only 5 minutes away from the most breathtaking beaches. This hotel is a family owned businesses which helps it retain that cosy, warm family charm. Visitors will benefit from the insider recommendations, beautiful private suites and wonderful shared pool space. The hotel kept its design minimal so that the visitors don’t get distracted from surrounding views.

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