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Our story

Like every good story, ours starts with an idea. A simple idea, but one that kept our founder wondering for quite some time. Why wasn’t it possible to choose your preferred hotel or destination, whenever someone would present you with a travel gift card. But that’s not all, because we know how busy people’s lives tend to get. Let us tell you the story of how it all started.


How it started

Have you ever been so busy you completely forgot to buy a gift for someone’s party? Well, that’s exactly how the idea for Hotelgift came to be. Founder Loes Daniels had less than an hour to come up with a personal gift. She searched for a hotel gift card that would let her choose any hotel, but couldn’t find it. Luckily the good old pen and paper did the trick, when she promised her celebrating friend a trip for her birthday. Even though her friend loved it, Loes kept wondering why such a thing didn’t already exist. Thus, Hotelgift was born.


  • 110,000
  • 170
  • 20M
  • 4,500

Hotelgift, the perfect gift

By combining the simplicity of a gift card for hotels with the ability to personalise or customise it, Hotelgift becomes an original present. We’ve also worked hard to make it as easy as possible for the recipient. All they need to do is visit www.hotelgift.com, pick their dream destination out of the 170 countries and 110,000 hotels and enter the Hotelgift code on the payment page. With a few clicks of a button the trip is chosen, booked and ready to begin. Whatever the occasion, our hotel voucher is the perfect getaway surprise.


The business side of things

Hotelgift is a brand of Locada B.V, a company focusing on experience gift cards. Founded in The Netherlands, Locada B.V. currently operates globally. At the moment, the company features two leading brands within its portfolio: Hotelgift and Flightgiftcard.

“There’s always someone who deserves to see more of the world – or a trip closer to home!”