5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Thank You Gift

You’re looking to show somebody your appreciation, but finding the perfect thank you gift can be tricky. These 5 tips will help you show someone how you really feel with a perfect gift.

1 – Make it unique

You want your gift to be as meaningful as the person’s contribution. That means avoiding standard, impersonal gifts and going for something a bit more special.

If you’re giving a physical gift, then it can be difficult to give something truly unique. That’s why many people prefer to gift an experience, as every individual’s experience is uniquely their own.

2 – Add a personal touch

When looking to show a deep emotion like gratitude, a generic, standard gift isn’t going to have the desired effect. You’ll want to personalise your gift with a heartfelt note and perhaps even an image that means something to both of you.

Employee appreciation and personal thank you gift cards from Hotel Gift

3 – Make it flexible 

Flexible or open gifts are often more appreciated, as your recipient can enjoy it at their own convenience. Often you’ll want to thank someone for their efforts, so naturally you should give a gift that’s hassle free! You don’t want to burden someone with a sense of obligation to use or redeem something, so make sure your gift can be enjoyed freely.

4 – Give them something surprising

When buying gifts, we want to avoid risky choices. But that can mean we stay within narrow boundaries and can give something underwhelming.

Nothing makes more impact than a surprise.  Be creative while still being personal. What does this person want that they might not know they want yet?

Make someone happy with a surprise hotel gift card

5 – Give experiences, not things

A physical gift like flowers or a box of chocolate is nice, but the pleasure can be short-lived (perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself!). They leave no keepsake once used.

Experience gifts like this are becoming ever more popular, as happy memories might fade, but they’ll never disappear. Instead of giving a bottle of wine, why not give a wine tasting, for example!

That’s why our top tip is to give an experience. They’ll keep the memories forever – so your thank you gift keeps on giving.

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We think it’s the best way to show someone some gratitude.

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