5 Gorgeous Hotels Featured in Famous Hollywood Films

Not all venues shot in films are sets created exclusively for that film. Some of the hotels from your favourite Hollywood films are real and available for you to book. Walk the same corridors as Marilyn Monroe or hide away in a fictional residential area of a software billionaire. Below you can see 5 hotels featured in your favourite movies.
1.Hotel de Coronado – Some Like It Hot

This hotel first opened in San Diego in 1888 and has hosted a variety of guests from President Kennedy to Prince Edward. On the 19th of February, it celebrated its 130th anniversary and it has definitely become one of the most iconic hotels over those 130 years.


Featuring in the film Some Like It Hot played a big part in its popularity. Everyone wanted to stay in this hotel after seeing Marilyn Monroe roaming through the building. Back in 1893 people could stay in one of the rooms for around $2 to $2.50 a night with all the meals included. Today rooms there are available for around $380.

2. Le Bristol – Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen featured this hotel in one of his modern classics – Midnight in Paris. Characters played by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams (Gil and Inez) stayed there for their honeymoon with her parents.


The hotel is right in the middle of the busiest shopping street in Paris – Rue Du Faubourg St Honoré, which is also a home to shops like Lanvin, Lacroix and Hermès. Many Hollywood stars have stayed in Le Bristol over its existence including Charlie Chaplin and Kim Novak. The room prices go hand in hand with the location and the reputation of the hotel – you can book a room there starting from €900.

3. Bellagio – Ocean’s 12

This Las Vegas hotel was at the heart of the money heist in Ocean’s 11. In the movie, while the owner of the casino is watching a boxing match, his vaults are being emptied by George Clooney and Brad Pitt.


Bellagio hotel is a pretty spectacular building. It is the 18th most expensive building in the world. The total construction cost of it was $1.6 billion. While it was expensive to build, it is definitely a profitable one too! The casino in this hotel sets records in earnings as only in 2001 Bellagio already produced $93.5 in cash flow over the course of three months. Rooms there can be booked from around $230.

4. Waldorf Astoria – Maid in Manhattan

Who wouldn’t want to stay at the hotel at which Jennifer Lopez once played a maid in a famous rom-com Maid in Manhattan? This beautiful hotel was also a filming location for many other famous Hollywood films including Alfie, Catch Me If You Can and Two Lovers.


The hotel itself is a part of a collection of Hilton Worldwide Luxury portfolio. In fact, this is the flagship hotel of this portfolio, so if you want to roam the same corridors as Jude Law or Jennifer Lopez, staying in a presidential suite will cost you a hefty $10,000 a night.

5. Juvet Landscape Hotel – Ex Machina

This gorgeous hotel actually served as a house in the movie Ex Machina – headquarters to the software billionaire Nathan Bateman. In reality, this is actually a Juvet Landscape Hotel in Valldal, Norway. What makes it even more breathtaking is that it is cosily tucked away inside a rural village surrounded by a mountain and a river. It is known that Ex Machina’s film production designer spent months looking for a venue that both stunning and exclusive before Juvet was found.


Every single room in the hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the amazing views, a bedroom, study, bathroom and living space. Considering the location and the story, Juvet is not too expensive. A double room with breakfast will cost you around €180 per night.

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