3 Reasons Why The St. Regis Will Be The Highlight of Your Stay in Osaka

When you ask about Osaka, it’s often said that one day is enough to experience the best of both worlds. You could jam pack your day any way you like, but I think we can agree that you need a good night sleep to either prepare or recover from such day. One place where we recommend you to do so is at St. Regis Osaka. It could be the highlight of your Osaka trip. Let us tell you why.

Why the St. Regis Osaka

In the early morning you could be gasping at the century old and famous Osaka Castle. The late evening is filled with you being overwhelmed by all the colourful advertisements and lights in Dotonbori. In between, you could be doing anything from munching on traditional Japanese Takoyaki to overlooking the city in the bright red Hep Five Ferris Wheel. That sounds exciting yet exhausting, right? How relieved would it be to fall into a plushy, soft, big size bed in your elegant room, in one of the best hotels in Japan, after such a long day?

Absolutely fantastic. Let me make this sound even better with 3 top reasons why St. Regis Osaka is the best hotel in Japan:

1 – No Japanese cramminess, elegant big rooms instead

The interior of the St. Regis Osaka is described as elegant and the perfect mix of boutique and luxurious. It embodies the calmth and tranquility of traditional Japanese culture. The beds have soft and fabulous sheets. The room is spacious, impeccably clean and provided with all amenities. It’s everything you would want from a hotel room.

2 – Excellent service – a break from automated services

Japan is known for its innovations and related automated services. Even though they can be very convenient, it sure isn’t personal. To provide this personal touch and sublime feeling of luxury, St. Regis Osaka provides the kind of service that will make you incredibly special. Their butler service includes a butler that will pick up your to-be-ironed clothes and delivers it back to you personally. If you need anything else, from gifts to restaurant recommendations, their service is top notch. You need something? They will arrange it the best way they can. Legend goes that they will even arrange a barber when you need a fresh haircut.  

3 – Fantastic breakfast in the glorious breakfast room

Just like the rest of the hotel, the interior of the breakfast room is elegant and chic. It’s high ceiling gives you a luxurious feeling, on top of it’s extensive breakfast buffet. The buffet offers full English breakfast for the ones feeling less adventurous, but also traditional Japanese breakfast like grilled fish and miso soup. Both English and Japanese breakfast items are on par in terms of flavourand presentation. Whether you’re going for eggs benedict or tofu with rice, the St. Regis Osaka breakfast will give you a proper head start of your day.

Are you convinced?

This hotel is highly recommended not only by fellow travellers, but also by our Hotel Gift recipients. Yes, you read that right. You can give the ultimate St. Regis Osaka hotel experience with a Hotel Gift (which you can buy here). Aside from that, there’s only little we can do to convince you about a wonderful stay at St. Regis Osaka. Therefore we would like to recommend you to experience it yourself. Jam pack that day in Osaka and redeem your well deserved rest at the magnificent St. Regis Osaka.


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