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2019 Hotel Spotlight. Soneva Fushi Maldives.

January 29th, 2019
This week our hotel spotlight falls on Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. Tucked away from the most popular areas, you can witness both sunrise and sunset as the villas of Soneva Fushi are on both sides of the Maldives’ beaches.

You can take a 650 meter trip to the nearby island Eydhafushi or stay where you are to enjoy some peace and privacy. Learn more about the hotel that hires a bunch of wonderful people providing for their families, that puts equality and sustainability at its heart and gives their guests an experience of a lifetime. Continue reading if you need reasons to give someone a Hotelgift for their birthday and support this world-changing movement.


However, do not think that privacy and tranquillity mean you will be bored. There are countless activities you can do: water sports for adrenaline junkies, glassblowing workshops or cultural excursions. You can visit the spa where you will enjoy scrubs and Tibetan hot stones. Seeking for views above and beyond? Visit the Soneva Fushi Observatory to peak at the Plough of Saturn or go diving or snorkelling with Manta Rays (which Snorkel Hanifaru Bay is home to the largest population of).

Soneva Fushi is an Epicurean Heaven

All the foodies out there will appreciate the fact that Soneva Fushi is in partnership with Michelin Guide and many famous chefs often host dinners there. They have a bunch of restaurants on site suited for any dietary preferences: one for Mediterranean, organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine, one for international, one with an Asian influence and one dedicated to solely Maldivian cuisine. Let alone the fact that they have the whole room dedicated to chocolate…

Soneva Fushi Empower Women

In the average Maldivian hospitality industry, only 4 % of employees are female, which is indeed detrimental to the development of equality and prevents women with children successfully supporting their families. Soneva Fushi think so too. which is why at Soneva 25% of employees are female. Not only this but Soneva Fushi also has 3 times the average amount in the Maldives of women in senior managerial roles.

They Live and Breathe Sustainability

Soneva Fushi put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. They have an organic vegetable garden where they grow all of their own produce and only use their that for their restaurants.  They even make their own coconut oil.

They also have an Eco Sector where they melt down all the metal cans and tins and turn them into door and cupboard handles.

The Maldives have a lot of coconuts and to ensure that the coconut shells don’t go to waste, Soneva Fushi roast the coconut shells and use it as charcoal in the kitchens.

It does not end there. Soneva Fushi compost all of their wood chippings and food waste. They recycle 90% of their waste and upcycle everything that cannot be recycled. For instance, polystyrene cannot be recycled so Soneva Fushi upcycles it and turn it into building blocks for the hotel developments.

This hotel really is at the forefront of this generation moving sustainability mountains. This hotel is the reason why we are proud to offer hotel gift cards and support communities and the planet.

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